RoboKiller VS.
See why thousands of people choose RoboKiller instead of Firewall to block spam calls and spam texts
Why does RoboKiller
outperform Firewall?
Unlike Firewall, which blocks and sends all calls outside of a user's contact list to voicemail, RoboKiller targets unwanted calls using a spam list that is updated constantly, whether the app is open in the background or not. While blocking the calls you don’t want, Robokiller allows the calls you do want to ring through.
RoboKiller Free trial Firewall
Price $4.99 mo / $39.99 yr
7 Day Trial
$3.99 mo / $34.99 yr
14 Day Trial
Call blocking + identification Full Spam Call Blocking Blocks Every Call That Has Not Been Allowed
Global scammer database 600,000,000 Not Listed
Real-time call screening
Block and Allow Allow Only
Voicemail Transcription, Visual Voicemail Visual Voicemail, Sends All Unknown Callers To Voicemail
Machine-learning Live Audio Fingerprinting
Spam-fighting robots
SMS protection
Answer Bots
RoboKiller doesn’t just block robocalls – we make it entertaining. Answer Bots answer your spam calls, mimicking a real person and driving telemarketers crazy. You can even listen to the recordings. Firewall can't do that.
Audio Fingerprinting
In addition to blocking known spam numbers, RoboKiller can detect scammers based on their audio fingerprints. Scammers may change their numbers but they can’t change their voices. Firewall can't do that.
Neighbor Spoofing Blocking
Robocalls can now imitate local phone numbers so you’re more likely to answer them – it’s called neighbor spoofing. RoboKiller knows the difference and protects you from spam calls. Firewall can't do that.