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2022 US Election Political Robocall and Text Insights

An ongoing calculation of the Republican and Democratic campaign efforts for the 2022 United States elections using robocalls and text messages. How this works

Monthly Trend: Total Political Robocall and Texts

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RoboKiller estimates that Americans nationwide received political robocalls and political text messages related to the 2022 US Election in .

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Total Political Texts by Number of Sends

These are the political texts with the highest total send volume. Click the tabs to toggle between timeframes for all-time, monthly, or weekly views.

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All featured messages are subjected to automated anonymization to remove potentially personally identifiable information, represented as black boxes above.


These are the political robocalls with the highest total send volume for this week.

Political Robocalls

Why do you receive political robocalls and text messages?

Starting in the early 2000’s, politicians have been increasing their campaign investments in political robocalls and text messages because they have higher engagement rates and are more effective than traditional methods like TV ads. Unlike illegal robocalls and text messages, you likely don’t receive political messages at random. Information about your political party affiliation, area you live in, or even past political donations become accessible to campaign groups when you register to vote and identify your political party preference.

Are political robocalls and texts regulated the same way as other robocalls?

Any political robocall or robotext sent from an autodialer to a smartphone is required to follow consent-based regulations outlined by the FCC. The recipient must have provided prior consent to receive these message “blasts”. Prior consent could have been given when you provided your phone number when registering to vote or if you have ever made a political donation in the past. It’s also worth noting that any political robocall made to a landline phone does not require prior consent.

Can you unsubscribe from political robocalls or text messages?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is not easily. Registering your phone number on the Do Not Call List in attempts to stop political messages will not help - political calls/texts and charities are not required to follow the Do Not Call List by law. The best way to reduce the political messages you receive is to update your voter registration to remove your associated phone number, follow the instructions from the FTC here, and/or enlist a third-party call and text blocker like RoboKiller or TextKiller.

How does RoboKiller monitor political robocall and text trends?

RoboKiller employs an unbiased, anonymous machine-learning based approach to understand political message trends. The estimates shown are based on RoboKiller's proprietary data and customer feedback. Robocall trends, text trends, and featured messages are not a representation of any single political party, person, or organization’s campaign efforts.
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