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Why do so many smart people love RoboKiller?

Stopping robocalls is good, but getting even is better. RoboKiller helps you do both!

Answer Bots help you get even. Spammers hate them. You'll love them.

Best on the Market

My little robots are always on the job. Love this phone application. Thank you for such a great product.

Kilo the killer

Best app ever!!!

The answer bots really help in deterring those unwanted calls! This is a must have if you want to take back control of your cell phone!! Highly recommended people!


Crazy cool and IT WORKS!

Ok. I’ve used the former #1 Robo app as well as a couple other popular ones. I can tell you, beyond a doubt, that THIS app not only works, but is actually entertaining!!! The amazing thing is, that it traps the caller BEFORE ringing your phone! And THEN, let the games begin!!!! The Answer Bots take over and completely screw with the idiot caller. But, the best part is that it RECORDS that conversation for your evil pleasure. And I gotta tell’s flat out GRATIFYING! ;-)

Capt. Gizmo

How did I not know of this sooner?!

The answer bots alone make this app worth the money! Hilarious!!! When I first downloaded the app, I didn't take the time to see all of the features, now that I have, I'm kinda kicking myself for not looking for this kind of app sooner! Thanks for making it! C.N.

R3d Shirt

Stop all the calls you don’t want. Always get the ones you do.

Works Awesome!

I don't normally write reviews on products, but yours is so great I felt like I needed to. I've only been using it for a week and it has already blocked 19 spam calls. A couple slip through every now and then but I just flag those to be blocked in the future & that's that. I've checked the recordings on every blocked call and every one of them was a spam/scam call. And some of the recordings a real keeper in the hilarious department. The annual fee is MORE than reasonable for what this product does. Silence.... blessed silence...


Amazing app!

I used to go CRAZY because the same people were calling me every single day, even though I begged them to stop. I got Robo Killer and I hardly get unwanted messages anymore. The app allows me to review what calls were blocked so I can make sure they aren’t blocking anything I actually need to receive. So far it blocked something about health insurance that I would have wanted to receive, but it wasn’t a big deal. All I had to do was tap “allow” to allow that caller in the future. I can also listen to recordings of some of the calls, and they’re very funny! They have a plethora of bots that answer on your behalf and say ridiculous things. Often times the caller is a bot and doesn’t notice, but other times they are live solicitors and the conversations are hilarious. Definitely worth the inexpensive subscription and peace of mind.


RoboKiller is a killer app

I just love this app. This is my first day of using it and it’s already blocked 5 pesky insurance calls in the last 30 minutes that I kept telling to quit calling me. You don’t even hear the phone ring. I love it!!!!


Does what others can’t

I’ve tried half a dozen other call blocking apps to stop “neighbor spoofing,” a practice where the first 6 digits of the spam phone number calling match your own. None of these other call blocking apps stopped the calls coming thru, at least 5 calls a day, interrupting me during other phone calls or work. Every. Single. Time: RoboKiller caught them and blocked them. It’s only been a day and a half, but I’m loving Robokiller so far. Well worth the 25 bucks a year. Thank you thank you thaaaaank youuuuu.

Jon Stahl

“Should I call back at another… Oh no, it’s another one of those recordings. Everyone’s got RoboKiller.” - A real telemarketer

We don’t just stand guard. Our U.S. support team stands behind you.

Great service

Saved me from answering hundreds of nonsense calls. This is a wonderful app. And the support team is excellent.


Hilarious and effective

It doesn't just block the robocalls it also records the interactions with their pre-recorded messages. Very funny. I had a problem setting this up and their tech support was very helpful. Overall five stars!.

Phil Calzadilla

Works great! Excellent support too!

These calls were driving me nuts, but RoboKiller has done a fantastic job cutting them off. I’ve also gotten some good entertainment listening to a few telemarketers that fell for the answer bots. My service got cut off when I switched from AT&T to Verizon but their support chat (thanks Charlie!) got me back up and running in no time. I highly recommend RoboKiller!


Amazing support

It took a little tweaking on Verizon's part but thanks to Bryan in support, we punched through and the app works as promised. Already stopping a call. Thanks Bryan!


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