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Spam Text Danger This Month: HIGH 2022 United States Spam Text Insights

Billion spam texts were made in September 2022. That’s nearly spam texts for every person in the country!

Monthly Trend: Total Spam Texts

Spam Texts per day
Spam Texts per week
Spam Texts on weekends
Spam Texts per minute
Spam Texts per person
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Top 10 States Flooded with Text Spam

These are states text scammers targeted the most in September 2022

Robokiller State Code State Spam Texts

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RoboKiller’s Impact on the Fight Against Text Spam

RoboKiller is solving the spam text problem by combining machine learning with predictive algorithms to ensure text scams never reach our customers.

Total SMS AnalyzedMillion
Total Spam SMS BlockedMillion
Total $ in Prevented Losses to FraudMillion
Total $ in Prevented Losses to Fraud per PersonDollars

Why do you receive spam texts messages?

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There are a few ways you may receive spam texts. First, it is possible you were targeted or autodialed randomly. Scammers often use computer technology that randomly generate phone numbers for text blasts. Second, it’s possible your phone number was exposed during a data breach or sold for a profit by a third-party company. In these scenarios, it is possible your phone number is publicly available online and may be contributing to the spam texts you receive. Doing a Google search of your phone number may help to identify where your information is vulnerable. Lastly, your phone number may be on a list of people who have previously engaged with a call or text scam that scammers often share with each other. This is why we recommend avoiding answering or interacting with unknown phone calls or text messages.

How can you tell if a text message is spam?

Though there are many types of text scams, most share common identifiers that can be used to avoid falling for a text message scam. First, if you do not recall ever opting into receiving text messages from a legitimate business - the message is likely a scam. All legal robo texts sent from auto dialing technology are required to obtain prior consent before sending a message to you. Second, if the message is trying to get you to take immediate action such as making a purchase, sharing personal or account information, clicking on a link, this is likely a scam. Especially if there is an impending consequence if you do not take action. Third, always check for spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. Often, scammers misspell words or business names that can tip you off. Lastly, stay on the lookout for strange-looking URLs. If text message contains a link that looks like a string of letters and numbers, do not click on it.

How can you stop spam texts?

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There are a few ways to prevent the average $750 in financial losses that 1 out of 10 Americans fall victim to each year. First, do not reply to the text or click on any links. Often, URLs in spam texts contain malware that can infiltrate your phone if clicked. Second, never provide personal, account, or financial information over a text message. Third, you can report the spam call to your phone carrier by forwarding it to a specific code. Most major phone carriers offer these codes and can be found online. Forwarding the message won’t prevent you from receiving more spam texts, but will help shut the scam down for others. Lastly, the only way to prevent spam texts from reaching you is to download a call text blocker app like RoboKiller to automatically stop scam texts from ever reaching your phone.
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